Grants & Projects

Individual grants:

  • Scholarship of City of Niš on the merit of a high GPA (bachelor and master studies);
  • Norwegian Government (for the best master students in Serbia);
  • Austrian Embassy in Serbia, the European Youth Movement in Serbia and the Serbian Ministry of Education, one-month travel through Europe as an award for the 100 best students in Serbia & Montenegro.
  • Best student of the generation at Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics, University of Nis, Serbia 2006.
  • Grant from IMA – Institute for Mathematics and its Applications, University of Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, for one month visit, June 2019.
  • Coordination and Support Activity Support for Researcher Mobility ”Modelling of the spread of diseases with time change”, granted by Research Council of Norway, for a stay of 4 months, Osijek, Croatia, January-May 2022.


  • Scientific:

1. “Functional and stochastic analysis and applications”, PMF Nis, Project No. 144003, MNTRS, 2006-2010.

2. “Functional analysis and applications”, PMF Nis, Project 174007, MNTRS, 2011- 2020.

  • BIlateral:
  1. Leader of bilateral project with University of Osijek, Croatia, “Applied stochastic models with short term and long term structure of dependence”, 2019.-2022.
  • Erasmus:

1. Member at Erasmus Plus Project “Re@WBC” – Enhancement of HE research potential contribution to further growth of the WB region, 2015–2018.

  • COST Actions:

1. MC Substitute at COST Action CA16227, COST Association, “Investigation and Mathematical Analysis of Avant-garde Disease Control via Mosquito Nano-Tech-Repellents”, 2017–2020.

2. MC at COST Action CA17137, COST Association, “A network for Gravitational Waves, Geophysics and Machine Learning”, 2019–.

Short scientific visits:    

– Department of Mathematics and Statistics Campus 2 at Kist Misirkov No 10.A Campus 2, Stip 2000, Republic of Macedonia, from 24.04. until 30.04.2018 (granted by Cost Action 16227 ).

– Department of Mathematics at the University of Aveiro, University Campus of San- tiago 3810-193 Aveiro, Portugal, from 23.01. until 01.02.2019 (granted by Cost Action 16227).

– Faculty of Mathematics, University of Vienna, Austria, week in November, 2019 (granted by Faculty of Mathematics, University of Vienna).

– Faculty of Mathematics, University of Vienna, Austria, week in January, 2020 (granted by Cost Action 15125).

– Academy of Science, Kiev, Ukraine, week in November, 2021 (granted by Academy of Science Kiev & Department of Mathematics, University of Oslo).

– Department of Mathematics, Department for Mathematics, J.J. Strossmayer University of Osijek, 12 days in July, 2022 (granted by Cost Action 18232).