• Jasmina Djordjevic
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PhD in Applied mathematics2006-2013
Faculty of Science and Mathematics, University of Nis

        My research interests are in theory of probability and stochastic processes, and their applications to stochastic control and optimization. I wanted to expand my knowledge in this field. I started my PhD studies in 2006 and completed them in 2013 with the highest possible GPA 10.00 (ten).
        Exams passed:

        PhD Thesis: Backward Stochastic Differential Equations with Perturbations, defended on June 20th, 2013, Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics, University of Nis, Serbia, supervised by Professor Svetlana Jankovi´c.

MSc in Mathematical Finance2004-2006
Faculty of Science and Mathematics, University of Nis

        My interest in stochastic processes began during my undergraduate studies when I first got acquainted with this topic. During my studies in this field, I decided that my professional orientation should be in the theory of stochastic processes. I earned my BSc degree from the Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics, University of Nis.

        During my masters studies, I got a scholarship from the Norwegian Government and the City of Nis on the merit of a high GPA. In November 2004, I attended the course Financial Mathematics held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, and the course Graph Theory in Chemistry and Engineering held in May 2005. I completed the undergraduate with a GPA of 9.67 (10.00 being the maximum) and was declared the ”student of the generation” at Mathematics Department. In the same year I got a one-month travel through Europe as an award from the Austrian Embassy in Serbia, the European Youth Movement in Serbia, and the Serbian Ministry of Education. I got my MSc degree on June 12th, 2006, by defending the thesis titled Stochastic Models for Interest Rates, marked with the highest possible grade, 10.00. My interest in the application of mathematics in finance has already started in this work. As a natural continuation to my studies, I enrolled in the PhD program and expanded my knowledge in stochastic analysis and finance.

BSc in Mathematician2001-2004
Faculty of Science and Mathematics, University of Nis

        My interest in mathematics goes back to elementary school, and ever since then it has been my only scientific and professional commitment.